My Story...

Hello, my name is Aaron Young, and I’m a 7-Figure Course Creator.

To be honest, I still can’t believe that statement is true about me. It was only two short years ago that I was a stressed-out Google Ads freelancer. While I wasn’t struggling to put food on the table or go on a holiday each year, I was trapped in the same position that many people are, where you are constantly:

  • Trading time for money: where, yes, you can earn more money by saying YES to more work, but that then means that you are saying NO to the truly important things in your life like your family, friends, and health.
  • Feeling sick of your hard work not being appreciated by your boss, work colleagues, or clients.
  • Wondering what happened to that person you used to be who just wanted to help people.

If that’s you, don’t worry because my story proves that things can change when you are willing to also make some small but life-changing changes to your weekly schedule.

Why I Do It!

So let me tell you the major dot points of my story and what has happened in the two short years since I launched my first course:

  • I have sold over 3,000 courses.
  • I now earn 7 Figures a year (with next to no expenses).
  • I work less but achieve more.
  • I am helping more people than I ever have before.
  • Plus, I get to spend way more time with the people that I love the most in this world (my beautiful wife and daughters).

The only reason I share that is because I also want you to have a similar story. So how did this happen? It all happened when I decided to give this 'course creation thing' a go.

Welcome to 7 Figure Coaching, and if you want to learn more about how course creation and sales work, check out my free trainings on my YouTube channel.