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Building a Business with No Audience: How to Start from Zero

content creation Jun 12, 2024

So you want to become a content creator and build a business through selling your online courses, coaching programs, paid communities, workshops, and live events. But there's one problem: you don’t have an audience. Zero followers.

This was exactly the problem I faced when I started my first course creation business. I knew I had an amazing course, and my strategies had been proven effective in real business situations. But without an audience, I was stuck.

In this article, I'm going to show you how to build an audience from scratch and focus on what truly matters. Before diving into the steps, let's debunk one of the biggest misconceptions about becoming a content creator: you don’t need a large audience to grow a six or seven-figure business.

Step-by-Step Process to Build a Loyal & Engaged Audience

While a large audience isn't necessary, having a loyal and engaged one is crucial. Here’s how you can start building that audience from zero.

1. Focus Your Teaching on Core Issues in Your Niche

To attract people, your content must address the core issues they face within your niche. Identify the key problems and questions your potential audience has.

2. Choose the Right Platform: YouTube Wins

When people want to learn how to complete a task or solve a problem, they turn to Google or YouTube. YouTube is particularly powerful because it often shows up in Google search results, making your content more discoverable. While platforms like Instagram or TikTok are popular, they aren't primarily used for solving problems.

Use free tools like Answer the Public or Google Trends to find out what people are searching for in your niche. This will provide a range of topics to create videos on, ensuring you address questions people are actually asking.

3. Include a Lead Magnet in Every Video

Especially when starting out, your videos might not get many views. To build your business, make sure each video includes a lead magnet—a free offer for extra training in exchange for the viewer’s email.

This strategy was crucial for me in growing a seven-figure business with under 20,000 subscribers. By including a lead magnet in every piece of content, I built a database of potential customers whom I could email with offers for my courses and coaching packages.

4. Release Teaching Videos that Truly Help

Nothing is more frustrating than watching a tutorial that leaves you more confused than before. Avoid this pitfall by releasing practical, helpful training videos.

  • Include Actionable Steps: Break down tasks into 3-5 simple, actionable steps.
  • Use Screenshares and Examples: Don’t just tell; show how to complete tasks.
  • Use Simple Language: Avoid jargon, or explain any industry-specific terms you use.

For example, if you mention "click-through rate," take an extra few seconds to explain what it means, especially for beginners.

Growing Your Business with a High-Converting Sales Funnel

Building a high-quality audience is just the beginning. To grow your business and generate sales, you need a high-converting sales funnel. Without it, your database won't translate into customers.

Key Components of a High-Converting Sales Funnel

  1. Lead Magnets: As mentioned, use lead magnets to grow your email list.
  2. Nurture Sequence: Develop an email sequence to nurture your leads, providing value and building trust.
  3. Sales Offers: Regularly invite your audience to continue their learning with your paid products—courses, coaching packages, workshops, etc.
  4. Follow-Up: Use automated follow-ups to remind potential customers about your offers.


Building a business without an audience is challenging but entirely possible. By focusing on core issues in your niche, leveraging YouTube, including lead magnets in your content, and providing genuinely helpful videos, you can start from zero and grow a loyal, engaged audience. Combine this with a well-structured sales funnel, and you’re on your way to creating a successful content creation business.

Remember, the journey may be slow initially, but consistency and dedication will lead to growth and success. Start today and watch your audience and business flourish!