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The Fastest Way To Record YouTube Videos

Jun 19, 2024

Creating content for YouTube can seem daunting, especially when you're managing multiple channels. However, with a streamlined process, it's possible to produce high-quality videos efficiently.

I run two YouTube channels, each generating two long-form videos weekly, totaling 208 videos a year. This consistency is the backbone of my seven-figure business, driving leads and generating over $100,000 in monthly revenue. Let me walk you through the process that allows me to achieve this, and stick around for three key strategies to ensure a never-ending stream of content.

My Exact Process

1. Recording Schedule I record all my videos on Mondays, fresh from a three-day weekend, so my mental and emotional energy is high. I prioritize content creation at the start of the week, avoiding distractions from emails, operational tasks, or coaching calls. Recording 4-5 videos on Monday keeps me 2-6 weeks ahead, allowing for stress-free holidays and breaks when needed.

2. Script Writing On Monday mornings, I write my 4-6 scripts. Here's how I do it:

  • Get a Coffee: A good start with a coffee sets the mood.
  • Select Background Music: Music like Daft Punk helps stimulate my creativity without being distracting. Avoid overly upbeat or sing-along tunes.
  • Writing Environment: I write in my dining room, with a view outside to help my creative flow.
  • Research with Tube Buddy: I finalize topics using this tool.
  • Content Planner: I keep a Google sheet or doc on my phone to jot down ideas that come to me during the week.

Writing detailed scripts allows for quicker video recording and repurposing content into blog posts for my website.

3. Studio Setup I use a GoPro camera for its simplicity and 4K recording capability, along with a USB microphone. My office setup includes:

  • Sound: Acoustic panels made from affordable foam tiles and thin timber panels.
  • Lighting: A softbox light from Amazon, costing under $100.

4. Recording Process I record audio and video separately using Garage Band and my GoPro. Recording in 3-5 segments allows for breaks and script checks, speeding up the process. My setup includes a camera in front of me and a computer to the side for script reference. Mistakes are okay; they can be fixed in editing.

After recording, I sort the files into Google Drive for my editor. This organization helps even when I edit videos myself.

Three Key Strategies for Endless Content

1. Find Your Process Develop a structured, repeatable process that works for you. This will free up mental energy for creativity. Initially, it might take longer, but soon it becomes second nature, allowing for quick setup and recording.

2. Prioritize Content Creation Consistency is crucial. Dedicate a specific day each week solely to content creation. For me, it's Monday, but any day that works for you is fine. This focus transformed my life from an overworked freelancer to a seven-figure content creator.

3. Have a Clear Content Strategy Maintain a Google sheet or doc with your content ideas. This ongoing list ensures a steady flow of topics. A clear strategy includes a mix of evergreen content and trending topics in your niche, like service-based Google Ads, eCommerce, or new trends.


Creating 208 high-quality videos a year is achievable with a streamlined process. Prioritize your content, find a routine that works for you, and keep a steady flow of ideas. If you're looking to monetize quickly, consider creating and selling online courses. Follow the link in the description below to access my Course Creation Checklist, guiding you step-by-step to create a high-selling digital course. Happy recording!