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Recording Your Content for YouTube: Monetizing from Day One

content creation content creator how to make money online youtube Jun 26, 2024
recording your content for youtube

What if I told you that the popular strategy for becoming a high-earning content creator on YouTube was wrong? You know the strategy:

  1. Start a channel
  2. Grow an audience
  3. Then monetize.

But this is WRONG. The formula I used, and will show you, is:

Monetize your channel from your first video -> then as your audience grows, your revenue grows.

Don’t believe me? Check out this income graph (pop-up).

With my first YouTube channel, we were earning $5k a month with under 2,000 subscribers and over $85k a month with under 20k subscribers. So in this video, I will take you through:

  1. The content strategy to use for YouTube to monetize your channel from the first video.
  2. Answering common questions about the easiest process to create your own content for YouTube.

This video is part of my 8-part "Become a Content Creator" free teaching series on YouTube. If you want to make sure you never miss out when a new video in this series is released, make sure you subscribe and turn on that notification bell.

The Content Strategy to Use for YouTube to Monetize Your Channel from the First Video

Focus on the Best Way You Can Help People

Rather than chasing the latest viral content, focus on creating videos that answer questions people regularly ask. Then, offer extra support and learning through your own digital products or affiliate links for products or services that assist them in their learning or are products they need to buy.

Later in this teaching series, I will take you through the YouTube sales loop, where I lay out this whole strategy. For now, let’s jump into a screenshare so I can show you the best way to find an endless supply of content.

By using tools like TubeBuddy, you can discover the topics your audience is searching for. For example, searching "Recording your content for YouTube" vs "starter kit for new YouTubers 2024" can give you valuable insights.

If you follow the link in the description below, you can:

  • Easily sign up for TubeBuddy with my link, which helps support this channel.
  • Get access to my 6-figure sales funnel building kit, which includes strategies for creating your own sales funnels and high-converting email copy that I use.

Alright, that is how you find an endless stream of content for your YouTube channel. Now, let’s answer some common questions about the easiest process to create your own content for YouTube.

Common Questions About Creating Content for YouTube

1. How Do I Record My Content for YouTube?

Process I Use:

  1. Research - Identify what your audience wants to know.
  2. Write - Script or outline your video content.
  3. Record - Use reliable equipment to capture high-quality video and audio.

Screenshare of Google Sheet: I organize my content ideas and scripts in a Google Sheet, making it easy to plan and stay on track.

2. How Do I Set Up a YouTube Studio? What’s the Basics and Then the Next Level of Equipment?

Three Core Elements:

  • Video: Start with a smartphone or a GoPro. These options are simple to use and allow for 4K resolution. For more complex setups, you may need multiple cameras.
  • Audio: Invest in a good USB microphone. I started with a $150 Blue Yeti and now use a RODEX. Room acoustics are also crucial, so consider using audio tiles and curtains.
  • Lighting: A single softbox lighting kit, which you can get for under $100 on Amazon, is usually sufficient.

3. What Type of Rooms Are Best Suited for Sound and Lighting Purposes for Recording My YouTube Content?

Use what you have, but ideally, choose a separate room that only takes 5 minutes to set up.

4. Do I Sit Down, Stand Up, or Sit Behind a Desk to Record?

This depends on you. I prefer to stand as it helps me be more engaging, but others might prefer to sit. Experiment and find what works best for you.

5. Are There Rules for How You Present Yourself Regarding Your Age?

Be yourself, but amplify your personality by about 20% to keep your audience engaged.


Recording content for YouTube and monetizing from the start is a realistic goal with the right strategy. Focus on helping your audience, leverage the right tools, and follow a clear process to create engaging content. Remember, the key is to provide value and monetize through digital products and affiliate links from the very beginning.